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It all starts with the closing...

A Closing at the Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds A Closing: Sellers on the left, buyers on the right, three attorneys, one real estate agent, and several hundred thousand dollars is about to change hands. Then... the Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds staff will take over and make it OFFICIAL!

Once your closing has been complete, it is time for the Registry of Deeds staff to make it official. When a document or group of documents, is received at the Recording Counter it is thoroughly inspected to ensure recording requirements are met. If the document is ready for recording, it will then begin its life cycle at the Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds.

The document life cycle begins with the Recording Clerk entering the document information into the Registry of Deeds database. The information includes the document type, number of pages, address, and the names of the people and/or business involved in the transaction.

The Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds database then calculates the fees, excise tax, or necessary surcharges. Fees vary and all fees are regulated by the Commonwealth, some documents do not carry any fee. For a complete list of fees please visit the Fees and Filings page. The excise tax fee is a tax imposed by the Commonwealth for all home sales at a rate of $4.56 per $1,000. of the purchase price. The Community Preservation Fee - $20, $10, or $0 (no fee) varies with the document type and is also regulated by the Commonwealth.

Once the document has been inspected, entered into the database and fees collected an excise stamp is affixed to the front of the Deed to show that excise has been paid. A Registry Surcharge of $5.00 applies to most documents and this too is assessed by the Commonwealth. The surcharge is levied for the purpose of improving technology at all of the Registry of Deeds throughout the Commonwealth.

It is important to note that you may choose to place a "do not publish" remark on recording documents. All documents held by the Registry of Deeds are public information. Please note that all documents received by the Registry are considered public and can be viewed by anyone with an online account or by visiting the Registry. There are certain types of documents issued by the Commonwealth that contain Social Security Numbers (ie Death Certificates). Registry personnel make copies of this and other documents and take great care to white out social security numbers when preparing a document for scanning to ensure social security numbers are not available to the public. The original document remains untouched.

The Registry of Deed records up to 300 transactions per day. One recent transaction had over 500 pages of documents that required recording; another had just one. Once the closing phase is complete, the recording attorney proceeds to the front desk to record the documents. In most cases, checks can not be dispersed until the documents are recorded. In any event, The Registry of Deeds always has a copy of your deed and related documents, and a certified copy bearing the Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds seal is every bit as good as the original. We maintain all records in both hard copy (in Taunton and Attleboro) and digital record format on the premises and a copy off the premises.

Registry recording technicians examine documents and prepare to assign book and page numbers

There can be no mistakes. The Recording desk has several built in checks and balances that ensure accuracy. In the photo at left Office Manager Ms. Martin works with staff to implement improvements in a sophisticated database also with built in components to ensure your recorded documents are properly filed, scanned and available to you when you need them. Ms. Martin supervises the document recording team. Her staff is highly trained, utilize very sophisticated technology, and have streamline procedures to produce a high standard of achievement.

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