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Competition benefits the consumer, so firms can expect no profits in the long run. Sooner or later someone will come along who can do things faster, better, and less expensively. Firms compete in part through differentiation, new technologies, advertising/marketing, and skill-set capacity management. The Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds wants to help you compete.

First-hand information regarding property transaction history is very instructive. Researching some properties is a simple event, as when the property has been held for years by the same family with no additional activity. Other properties' histories may be very complicated, with UCC filings, divorces, adverse position actions, or other complicating factors -- factors that may even present risks to the real estate professionals involved by extending times or even precluding a closing, mechanics' liens, municipal liens, establishment of realty trusts, foreclosure filings, existing mortgage notes, mortgage discharges, added names to deeds, plot changes, and much more. Now, with an online records search account, you can know what you need to beforehand, with the Bristol County Registry of Deeds database at your fingertipsl, anytime you need it.

Old-school: Deeds and registry filings are the business of the title examiner/attorney. Clear title is the only concern. New-school: Deeds and all the related documents tell a story about the property. It is information that provides insight to better serve clients and protect a firm's competitive position. It is a more detailed understanding of the assets, liabilities and encumbrances a property may have that will more precisely assist the seller in valuation, preparing to close, and meeting P&S responsibilities. Buyers will have a far better understanding of the property they are interested in purchasing.

Contractors will want to investigate property liens to protect their interests. Insurance agencies can be sure they have the exact property ownership information when drafting policies. Banks and law firms can drive down costs of title exams by having desktop access. And the online database makes information available at the moment the decision-maker needs it, with fuller knowledge of pertinent negatives as well as pertinent positives.

The title search is easy: simply search the name of the owner or the address, and you will have what you need. Print just the pages you require for just $1.00 per page. Consider a standard dossier on each property you represent, with all the perfect information necessary to complete the transaction without surprises!

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