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Barry J. Amaral, Register

To: Public School Teachers and Administrators

From: Barry Amaral, Register of Deeds

In 2005, the Northern Bristol County Registry of Deeds, Bristol County Work Force Investment Board, and the Massachusetts School of Information Technology teamed to provide internship opportunities for students under 22 years of age seeking a GED and employment-readiness skills. To date, students have assisted in research, legal document management, technology administration, cable TV productions and, most importantly, have discovered the world of home ownership and its associated language.

It is essential that community resources such as a Registry of Deeds provide assistance for learning opportunities for our public school students. Consider the terminology in our glossary of terms for 12th-grade economics, the excitement of your 9th-grade class as they find the deed to the house in which they live and learn the introductory Language of Wealth, or even your 8th-grade class viewing a narrated closing and identifying the roll and responsibility of each person at the table. The insight your students achieve will build their aspirations and provide them with an excellent understanding of what they will have to accomplish to become homeowners themselves.

To access the Registry Resource, please call Ms. Olga Costa at 508-822-0502. She will be glad to discuss with you how we can help provide inspiring learning opportunities. If your department is developing a theme for instructional activities that includes home ownership, we can help in many subjects, including mathematics (i.e., understanding loan-to-value ratio, percentages, appraised-versus-assessed value), and much more.

I look forward to working with you in the years to come and would be happy to meet with your department faculty to develop learning opportunities.


Barry J. Amaral

Mr. Barry J. Amaral

Take a field trip, set up an internship,
assign an on-site research project

We will help you teach the"Language of Wealth!"


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