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The Registry is now offering Electronic Filing for Recorded Land Documents.
Multi-function documents, Plans, and Registered Land documents are NOT accepted via electronic recording.

For more information, please contact one of our electronic recording partners:


Credit Card Acceptance

The Bristol County North Registry of Deeds is now accepting payments by credit card or debit card for government services. So that the Registry receives 100% of the billed amount, a "service fee" (which covers the cost of processing the credit card or debit card) will be assessed to the paying party. The Registry does not earn any revenue from the service fee. The Bristol County North Registry of Deeds has entered into an agreement with a third party, CardX, to provide the processing of credit card and debit card payments. CardX will calculate the processing cost of a credit/debit card presented for payment and apply that cost as the service fee. The service fee is calculated based on the cost to accept the card you use for payment. As a result, consumers with low-cost cards pay a lower fee. This payment option is provided as a service to our customers who may elect to choose this form of payment.

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In accordance with the Massachusetts Deeds Indexing Standards, documents must only be printed on one side of the paper, double-sided pages will not be accepted. In the past, we have accepted double-sided pages. Please plan accordingly. For more information on the current Massachusetts Deeds Indexing Standards, please click on the link in the menu at the left of the page.

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